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As of 2009, one third of 4th graders in public schools scored below basic on reading proficiency and 18.8 percent scored below basic on mathematics proficiency.  More on Education and the U.S. Population

Gender:  In 2009, the status dropout rate was 9.1 percent among males, compared to 7.0 percent among females.  More on Education and Gender

Age:  In 2010, 20.5 percent of older adults (age 65 and older) reported not having completed high school.  More on Education and Age

Race and Ethnicity:  In 2010, the proportion of Hispanic adults (age 25 and older) with less than 7 years of education was 22 times the rate for whites.  More on Education and Race-Ethnicity

Income:  In 2009, the status dropout rate was 15.8 percent among those from families in the lowest income quintile, more than six times the rate among those in the highest income quintile.  More on Education and Income

Data sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey
U.S. Department of Education, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)