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View from the Inner City

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Conditions in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods contribute to health inequities. Hear the perspective of inner-city residents and learn about our community engagement program in Richmond’s East End.

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The Briefing Room

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Read reports developed for policymakers—in government and the private sector—about the health implications of policies outside of health care.

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What can be done to make a change? Read reports from our partner, the Urban Institute, about policy strategies that can improve health outcomes.

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An online interactive tool to explore the implications of education and income on health outcomes and costs

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See how the health of Americans is shaped by factors—and policies—outside of health care.

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The number of years of education completed by Americans predicts their health.

In today’s knowledge economy, education is a key to good jobs and economic growth. Learn why Americans with a college education live longer and healthier.

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Household earnings and wealth are associated with longer lives and lower disease rates

Learn how good jobs, earnings, savings, and economic wellbeing can help prevent illness and may help control health care costs.

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Life expectancy and disease rates vary dramatically across zip codes and census tracts.

Learn how the environment in American cities and rural communities shapes health, lifestyle, safety, and access to health care.

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Education, income, and neighborhood conditions are shaped by public policies.

Learn how decisions and investments outside of health care—made by elected officials, businesses, and communities—affect public health and health care costs.

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Lifestyle Health care Neighborhood Education Income Policy